ATOM : Assistive technology for the visually impaired.

Two Versions of Atom :

1) Atom for android
2) Atom for PC

1) Atom for Android :

My android app is called "Atom for android" it can let the blind person make phone calls to the police , ambulance service , send SMS , listen to music , search the internet with voice and get back voice feedback for every action.
I have successfully completed making the Wearable Device and the android app.
The app is opened by performing a Wave gesture in front of the phone , it gives voice feedback when the app is activated.

How it works :
2) Atom for PC :

Gesture based assistive technology for the visually impaired.

Inspired by ATOM from Real steel(2011 movie) , a robot that has a hidden ability of sight which turns this machine into the best boxing bot in the world. Watching the movie made me realize the power of technology , how technology can be used to provide sight to the blind!Now I'd am happy to announce ATOM! "A gesture based device for the visually impairedand the most feasible wearable for the blind.The first prototype is successfully completed , currently I am building the final product to be delivered in the market!

How it works :