About Me

I enjoy android app development, my area of interest is working on developing health tech apps.

I enjoy working with open source hardware like Arduino and Raspberry Pi.

I'm focused towards building low cost software and hardware for the healthcare sector.

I am currently exploring Machine Learning focused on Biomedical Imaging based applications.

Making a difference with code | Geeve George | TEDxManipalUniversity

Achievements and works

Intel International Science And Engineering Fair (ISEF) 2017 2nd Place Grand Award:

Award Ceremony Timestamped Link : https://youtu.be/kRY9qvFp-2o?t=1h26m0s

My friend Chaitanya and I won the 2nd Place Grand Award under the Biomedical Engineering Category this year at the Intel ISEF.Our project was SAMIS, which is an android app that applies image processing algorithms on images captured using a standard smartphone for vein imaging.SAMIS was built to aid doctors and nurses during intravenous injections.

The journey so far has been a one with lot of excitement and learning.We've learnt so much together and can't wait to get SAMIS is it's final shape before releasing it to the world!

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Lincoln Laboratory’s Ceres Connection Award:

Our project won the 2nd Place Grand Award in the Biomedical Engineering Category which comes with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Lincoln Laboratory’s Ceres Connection award under which the names of first and second place category award winners at Intel ISEF will be submitted to the International Astronomical Union (IAU) for a once in a lifetime naming of a minor planet.

Intel IRIS National Science Fair 2016 Grand Award Winner/Intel ISEF 2017 Team India Finalist:

Team India ISEF 2017

My friend Chaitanya and I are proud to be a part of Team India for ISEF 2017 to be held at Los Angeles,California.

We built SAMIS , which is a Smartphone Aided Multispectral Imaging System. IRIS is India's largest science fair out of which 20 Grand Award Winners are selected to participate at ISEF 2017 as Team India.We are getting SAMIS in its final shape.Stay tuned in for more updates.

Speaker at TEDxManipalUniversity :

It was in my 7th Grade that I first watched a TED Talk , it was a talk about Pranav Mistry Unveiling his Sixth Sense Technology device at TED.I was amazed at the Computer Vision techniques he had implemented and the tasks he was able to perform with it.Watching this TED talk, inspired me to go in search of more TED talks.From then, I've been watching different talks both TED & TEDx talks based on Technology, Math, Astrophysics etc.They've been a source of inspiration for me at times when I start to work on solving real world problems.

This year I've been selected as a Speaker to give a talk at TEDxManipalUniversity where I will be speaking on 'Using Technology To Solve Real World Problems' by giving examples from the projects that I've worked on, which includes a wearable digital microscope, gesture based tool for the visually impaired , wearable communication device for the mutes etc.

Tata Consultancy Services ) Rural IT Quiz 2015 National Champion :

Since a very young age I was fascinated by technology and absolutely loved everything tech. When I was in 6th Grade I developed an interest for IT ( Information Technology ) quizzing because I love to read more and more about how tech giants came into existence and I also loved reading about the emerging technologies.It was in Class 9 I first had qualified into the Regional Finals , but unfortunately I didn't make it.When I was in 10th Grade , I started Researching more about IT and joined "Dorks Corner" which is once of india's largest IT Quizzing blog .That year , I again succeeded in the initial rounds but couldn't qualify to the further rounds. I didn't give up because I never feel that I need to give up when I do the things that I love most! So, I kept going and this year together with my Friend Karthik Rao M , we were able to emerge as National Champions after Competing against more than 14 Lakh ( 1.4 million ) students around India.

Google Science Fair 2015 Regional Finalist

My Team Mate Chaitanya KS and I successfully built a working prototype of Magniwear : A wearable digital microscope.

Our Project has been selected as one of the Regional Finalists of the Top 90 global projects finalists at Google Science Fair 2015.

Our project aims to explore the possibility of creating a cheap, affordable, portable and easy to use digital microscope to improve the speed of diagnosing illnesses and to improve the efficiency of field testing.

Find more about of project at : http://goo.gl/dj69Si

I've always loved music and producing music.I love playing the piano. I mainly work on FL Studio :) ! If you're interested my music is available at : https://soundcloud.com/georvity/sets/my-originals